Fish as a Source of Omega-3s for Relieving Arthritis Pain

You’ve had enough. You don’t deserve this kind of joint pain. How do you keep putting up with it?

If the medicine from your doctor doesn’t seem to be relieving pain brought on by arthritis, you might want to try adding fish to your diet. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, these salty specimens are exactly the thing you need to reduce inflammation.

You see, what’s making inflammation happen is your immune system. Similar to when you have a fever, your body causes pain to rid the underlying problem. In our case, however, the body is making your life agony by complete mistake (we call this an autoimmune disorder).

How do omega-3s help? Cytokines and leukocytes cause inflammation, and omega-3 fatty acids inhibit the activities of these pesky proteins. Oh, how our bodies can misbehave!

Knowing this, the solution is clear: introduce fatty fish into your diet. Salmon, tuna, mackerel, and herring supply much-needed omega-3s. Have at least two servings a week to see results. Even better, stick with the smaller fish like mackerel and sardines to get the good stuff while minimizing the risk of ingesting too much mercury, which builds up the higher you go in the food chain.

Don’t stop there! Maximize your omega-3 intake by going for the actual source: tiny crustaceans called krill. Krill oil, like the kind made by Pomme Green Nutrition, is an especially concentrated dose of omega-3s. Such supplement is very useful since most of us don't get enough fish in our diet.

Not only will your joints ache less, but with additional benefits to brain and heart health, you will be guarding against other complications related to inflammation.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and stick a fork in that delicious, briny, tender marine wildlife. With the help of a good diet and your doctor’s prescribed medication, you can be sure you’re doing everything to reduce joint pain from arthritis.

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