5 Top Foods and Supplements for Arthritis

5 Top Foods and Supplements for Arthritis

Managing your arthritis can be a daunting task, but did you know that you can do just as much at the dinner table as you can at the doctor’s office? A variety of foods and supplements for arthritis have had a big impact on reducing pain, inflammation and more.


Oily fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation that causes arthritis pain. Omega-3s also promote brain health and prevent stiffness. Get your fill of this essential fatty acid by eating fish like mackerel, salmon, and sardines at least twice a week.


Krill Oil

For those who don’t like fish (or the foul taste of fish oil), krill oil is the perfect way to get all the omega-3s you need. Fighting arthritis-causing inflammation is all about having a proper balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Americans get plenty of omega-6, but if you don’t have a diet high in omega-3s, you’ll need a supplement like krill oil to achieve pain relief and improved mobility. Those who suffer from arthritis should try a potent krill oil like that is found in Pomme Green Nutrition’s Krill Oil



It may be super stinky, but it’s also a superfood. Garlic has been shown to be cancer-fighting, arthritis-fighting, cholesterol and blood pressure-lowering, and much more. Not to mention, it tastes great on just about everything! The next time you head to an Italian restaurant, bring an extra box of Tic Tacs and dig into plenty of zesty garlic!



Despite the fact that this miracle root has been used for millennia to improve health and fight inflammation, most people today have never heard of it. Well, let us introduce you to turmeric: the real deal when it comes to fighting arthritis pain! Studies have even shown turmeric to be more effective against arthritis than some arthritis medications!



You may have hated it as a kid, but broccoli is back to provide real relief from pain and swelling. Not only does this beautiful green superfood soothe inflammation, but it also has been said to inhibit the growth of cells that cause arthritis in the first place. Try it with your favorite dipping sauce or in a fresh plate of pasta (with plenty of garlic!).

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